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Woodcock and Snipe Hunter Ltd

Terms and conditions


Payment terms

A deposit of 50% of the cost of the shooting is payable upon booking, within seven days to reserve. This is non-returnable in the event of a cancellation by the person making the booking unless the day/s booked can be re-let. The remaining 50% shall be paid 14 days prior your arrival to hunt. In the event of a cancellation by our company the deposit and any balance payment made shall be returned in full. In the event no-payment of the balance 14 days prior arrival the organiser reserves the right to re-let the dates and to charge the full cost of the shooting if unable to subsequently let the dates.


Beaters tips are not included, and depending upon the guns enjoyment of the day, c. £15-20 per gun per day is suggested.  

Insurance and compliance

Any person making a booking is responsible for taking out any necessary insurance with regard to cancellation of any or all the days for whatever reason to include bad weather, disruption by a third party or a ban on shooting. The person making the booking shall be responsible for all his/her guests, and other guns and also for ensuring they comply with the terms and conditions herein contained. Go to they have comprehensive insurance including bed weather.

All guns must be able to demonstrate adequate UK third party liability insurance.

Membership of B.A.S.C. or Countryside Alliance provides this cover, which can be arranged on arrival, if required. We have basic insurance cover for our guests.



The Organiser's decision as to the running of the day(s) is absolutely final. If in his opinion anyone misbehaves or is unsafe, then he/she will be asked either not to shoot or to leave immediately with no refund whatsoever.

Shotgun certificates

Shooting guests from within the U.K are strongly advised to bring their shotgun certificates with them. If you are from over seas you need to have a permit which takes up to 6 weeks from application to issue, we need your original EFP and a copy of your countries statutory shotgun licence, it is £22.00 per person.


It must be understood that we shoot wild quarry, and big bags cannot be expected as a matter of course: success depends upon a combination of favourable weather, migration, and the competence of the guns. Hence the organiser makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the amount of shooting each gun receives or the size of the bag. 

Essentially, we look to provide well organised, safe days of the sort of shooting sportsmen enjoy, most – testing wild quarry in outstanding surroundings, good dogs and good company.

Weather Conditions and Insurance in case of disruption –

If the weather is such that a ban on hunting woodcock occurs we are not liable for any losses incurred or future shoot days while travelling to our areas, you must ensure you have appropriate travel insurance to refund you in case this occurs as we can not accept any liability nor refund in these circumstances.

Please confirm you have read and understood our terms and conditions print of and sign below and either post a copy with your deposit or Scan and email signed.

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