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Driven Woodcock Shooting on the Llyn Peninsula, at Cwm Pennant North Wales area 3

General Game season - 1st October - 1st February - we only shoot Woodcock from the 1st week of DECEMBER and we limit numbers of birds shot this iscompany policy from 2019 to protect our native birds 

Llyn Pennisula 

We are pleased to present a fabulous opportunity in North Wales near Cwm Pennant on the banks of the River Dwyfor its a location on the edge of the Llyn Peninsula, over ground of 2000 acres with lots of broad leaf trees mix new growth and mature and has easy access around the area for vehicles its top  walked-up ground. 

The shoot is run by Myself who has put considerable time and effort and money of course into re-establishing this operation. And there are pheasant put to wood so even on the woodcock shoots expect 30-40 woodcock lifts, snipe, teal, mallard, as well. We can run 5 woodcock days back to back its fantastic pointer ground 


Is at the old rectory at £90.00 per room twin sharing or there are doubles and is on a B&B basis, there are several options at lower costs just ask and we will supply the telephone numbers and contact details.

We have a minimum of 4 guns to a maximum of 9 guns a 50% deposit with booking is required.


Woodcock per gun £295 per gun per day walked up.