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Woodcock and Snipe Shoot, Isle-of Angelsey

General Game season - 1st October - 1st February - we only shoot Woodcock from the 1st week of DECEMBER and we limit numbers of birds shot this iscompany policy from 2019 to protect our native birds 

Isle - of - Angelsey

We have a 3000 acre 3 day mainly Woodcock & Snipe shoot with exceptional wild duck during the day over a series of ponds/lake and a pm duck or woodcock flight plus am Geese flighting  the choice is the clients which they can choose to do on the day or when booking advise us, or ask for goose flight the day prior.

There a good few driven sections, and given hard conditions we can drive to most of the driven sections and park close by 4x4 only - Pheasant are plentiful November December but tail of in January but very sporting wild birds can be expected - the woodcock are here in plentiful numbers from the first week December - up to the end of January given the correct weather? 2015/16, numbers were down by 50% just to warm!! to stormy wet, expectation is around 50-60 mixed bird lifts on a normal day, records show we average shot per day between 25-40 mixed woodcock, snipe, duck, geese, pheasant. We have a number of fed wild duck ponds with teal, widgeon and mallard, pintail, golden eye,shoveler and gadwall, for geese we have grey lag and canada geese great chances always there early am on the day.  

the shoot is over marsh land with decent gorse bank cover, and small tree areas and thick hedges with raised banks which woodcock love to rest up in during the day time. open reeds and wetland areas see good snipe lifting as we walk up or driven. Please remember this is wild bird hunting and we cannot guarantee anything ths is about a good sporting day out for discerning guns who love the chance to bag a wildbird be it Woodcock Snipe etc. So if you dont understand the nature of woodcock or snipe please do not book. I quite surprised this year by one gentleman who complained about another shoot last year?? he went on, who came with his partner never stopped talking on the phone and was not concentrating 'and was an (expert woodcock shooter)'. but actually he new nothing about the nature of these birds one day was good not great 26 lifts a few kills because a woodcock never went over him he made the reat of the day a misery, and then said we had no birds on the ground note we had a storm and high winds on that day. And the other guns enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We are lucky we have other species to shoot here if woodcock are in short supply so no day is a total disaster. 

£295 per gun per day.

B&B /Hotel locally from £85-95 or self catering POA. Own dogs welcomed as long as well trained 

Contact details Bob Glynn 07795-214934 or 01690-2733859