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Woodcock Shoot Near Lauceston Cornwall


General Game season - 1st October - 1st February - we only shoot Woodcock from the 1st week of DECEMBER and we limit numbers of birds shot this iscompany policy from 2019 to protect our native birds 


A wonderful 1 to 4 days hunting not easy walking but rewarding target is to bag 30 or more birds in stunning surroundings at this lovely shoot near Launceston Cornwall. Maximum of 4 days over 4000 plus acres. The shoot is a renowned snipe and woodcock ground add some teal

and you have a wonderful opportunity to shoot a decent bag. Hunting over springers and you can bring your own dogs as long as they are good quality hunting animals. Expected lifts of woodcock are always reliant on weather but 25-30, snipe 100-400 plus!!!!! and we will see teal mallard, some pheasant and partridge or maybe a chance of the odd rabbit.   


Consists Chalets and the main farm house which we have available 5 double rooms 2 twin bedded rooms, 2 x bunk beds. Food is a stew during hunt day with bread and we offer DBB for £50 per person with a selection of wines at cost over dinner and a hearty roast dinner to tuck into.

Cost per day per gun is £295.00 x 4 minimum

Persons or £275.00 x 6 maximum