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Woodcock Shoot Loch Awe Argyllshire

General Game season - 1st October - 1st February - we only shoot Woodcock from the 1st week of DECEMBER and we limit numbers of birds shot this iscompany policy from 2019 to protect our native birds 

Hunting Woodcock & Ad Hoc wild Duck

We shoot over a wide and varied terrain with expectation of 35-50 lifts of woodcock per day depending on how good the season is. There are wild duck in certain areas but please treat as now and again. The ground is undulating and scenery staggeringly beautiful. the hunting is over our own springers and you can bring your own pointers or dogs to workover. Ensure decent wet weather hunting gear to keep warm and dry during the day. Best time late November after first moon and through January.


Ederline house b&b.

Finchairn Farmhouse (S/C)

Clachandubh cottage (S/C)

Finchairn cottage (S/C)

South Lodge (S/C)


A property to suit differing party sizes or book B&B at the main house.

Cost of Woodcock hunting maximum of:

4 guns is £265.00 per day up to 3 days hunting is currently available.

Minimum of 2 guns can shoot 4-5 days at £285 per gun per day.

 Shotgun hire available or Police Permits at £25.00 with 6 weeks notice available for bringing own guns. Kennelling for dogs on site.

Collect Airport Glasgow POA depends on group size (best to hire a car).