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Woodcock and Other Species at Rogart, Brora, Sutherland, North Scotland

General Game season - 1st October - 1st February - we only shoot Woodcock from the 1st week of DECEMBER and we limit numbers of birds shot this iscompany policy from 2019 to protect our native birds 


Woodcock shooting and grouse stalking also available but the walked up shooting can be truly spectacular on this excellent estate, roe stalking.

Roe buck stalking is available for two months during May and June. Roe doe stalking can be arranged during the season between 21 October and 31 March. Woodcock -. Best Time of the season November-January No charge for dogs.

Available for two weeks from 12 August onwards for up to 3 days per week for 2 - 6 guns per day. Shooting is either over pointers or walked up depending on conditions. The expected bag is 5 - 10 brace per day.

Woodcock and Rough shooting
Walked up pheasant shooting is available for 4 weeks during November. A mixed bag of around 60 head of mixed game daily may be expected. Shooting is normally on three days each week. Woodcock numbers are usually 10-15 per bag mixed.

Rabbit shooting
Rabbit shooting can be arranged on a daily basis from 1 November onwards.


Hotels and B&B's are available as an alternative especially if you wish to shoot 3 of the smaller estates ove the 3 days. 

Guests can if they wish enjoy the warm atmosphere of a private house beautifully furnished with open log fires and house staff to ensure your stay is a memorable occasion. Parties may choose to self-cater or employ the services of a cook in some of the houses and who will discuss with you a range of menu ideas based on traditional Scottish recipes designed to meet every taste.


Inverness airpost is nearest and has daily flights in from many international destinations hire a car and travel to the lodge allow 2 hours by road. Collection and return from the airport is £250 per party .


The cost depends on where you wish to be and we can discuss the arrangement specifically desighned for your psarty whether requiring springers /or pointers - but if you keep general costs around £295 per hunting day and £150-200 for DBB and packed lunch those will cover most situatiuons.