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Snipe over pointers and setters


Based in County Mayo, Shannon or Knock Airports easiest to get to us a hire car would be needed.

Small groups ideally 2 max 4. with 3-4 days back to back is available - Clients could bring their own dogs kennelling could be arranged.

we offer our own setters which are trained to the highest standards and over pointing breeds the sport can be excellent.

Shooting is on moorland over different sites but you are talking in excess of 500 acres  session 

It is over setters so no formal drives but realistically 4-6 hours shooting per day, Lunch provided. Depending on area shot.

Birds are plentiful but depending on weather and moon phase and also ability of guns bags can vary...with two competent guns a dozen snipe with a few woodcock is reasonable. We don't want to overestimate and build unrealistic expectations but over good dog work under control I think this is reasonable shooting. I would expect to lift several dozen snipe but not all will hold for a dog.

Cost is including lunch, for accommodation with evening meal.

Accommodation can be tailored to your needs. And ask for a range of accommodations vary from £80 per night to £135 Hotel DBB packed lunch.